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About Us

/Who we are

We are a group of creatives from Wilmington, North Carolina. Our goal is to help you communicate the heart of your organization or project in ways that connect with people excellently. We are passionate about bringing stories to life and helping broadcast inspiration.


Whether it be through a website, design piece, video, song, or any other creative element, we want to help bring YOUR idea to life.

There is something special when creative people get together.

- Joy Mangano -


/What we do


We strive to make your dream website a reality, aiming to bring your ideas to life – with the features, color schemes and pages you need for success. Enabling our customers to understand and publish their own content is also a high priority.


We want to illustrate the heart and essence of your organization or cause. We will work hard to ensure your vision is represented in the most engaging and inspirational way.


We love to capture authentically breath-taking video. Because, video is the tool that truly tells your story and communicates the heart behind your project.


Capturing life’s most precious and beautiful moments is so very important. We are here for your special events and milestones.


Information is communicated in so many different ways. We strive to create the best animations and infographical videos to make it easiest to understand large amounts of information.


Have an incredible song or lyrics you’d like to bring to life? How about something you would like to record so that it lives on forever? We can help you with all your recording and creative ventures in music. Oh, and if you need a guy and his guitar at your next event we’ve got that too.


21years of experience
125projects completed
4023hours of work
5230cups of coffee

The Team

/Our careers


Graphic Designer, Film Director/Editor, Photographer

Jacob Barnard

Jacob is passionate about bringing your creative ideas to life. He studied video production and photography in college with minors in animation and graphic design. He is fluent in the adobe creative suite as well as Maya animation software and DaVinci Resolves color correcting suite. He loves helping people realize and accomplish their creative goals with a high level of excellence.

Web & Graphic Designer, Photographer

Tyler Simmons

Tyler loves telling stories through websites and digital design. He has developed websites and graphics for the past 5 years. He is proficient in HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and Creative Suite. He has tackled several projects varying in size and workload. He loves to capture photos as well.


Music Producer, Photographer, Film Editor

David Muse

David has been creating and playing live music, as well as working with different musicians for over 12 years. He plays just about any instrument he touches and can bring a song to life. He is passionate about videography and the way motion picture and music combine to create emotional connections with people.





Working with Ancient Arbor on the design of my website has been awesome. Their ability to envision and implement what I was wanting to create was amazing. That, coupled with their timeliness and attention to detail, has made the whole experience outstanding!
Ancient Arbor is exactly what I was looking for. They provide high quality work at affordable prices. They have been able to take the vision in my head and help it come to life on the screen. Highly recommend them!
From our very first meeting, it was clear that Ancient Arbor Productions cared about making our business shine. They took the time to inquire about the mission of our business and what we hoped to accomplish through our website. To them, it was more than just words and pictures. Every detail was extremely well thought out. They offered suggestions but really listened to our input and vision. We had constant support throughout the project allowing us to get it to the standard we had originally envisioned. The final product was original, creative, and easy to navigate. Their photography skills allowed us to avoid stock images, giving the website an individualized look. We simply loved working with them. They are truly a master of their craft.
Monkey Junction CrossFit,

Project Planner

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